COVID-19 Update

We are open for business and have taken measures and precautions need to be operational.

  • PrintShip Pty Ltd T/As Gateway Digital Solutions is prepared to remain open during this period and have taken precautions to protect staff and clients
  • We can maintain production and services with staff working from home and a single staff member running the physical center
  • There are no known supply shortages or delays anticipated at this time
  • Stay safe, and look out for one another Watch this space for more updates as they emerge

We have taken measures to keep our premises clean and disinfectant and we feel we are in a very comfortable position. We’d ask all our visitors to maintain social distancing as announced by public health authorities and to remain on the customer side of the counter at all times. We also ask you to not bring in files on USB if it can be helped and to instead use email.

Further information about COVID-19 can be found on the NSW Health website:

Take care everyone and may the world recover from this COVID19 soon. We look forward to your support during these challenging times.


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